Yoga Every Day
Season 3 . 24 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S3:Ep1, Focus and Observation (Preview)
Episode 1
18 mins
In this focused and intentional sequence, begin with a short seated meditation followed by a slow and mindful whole body flow allowing us to stay aware throughout the practice. Recognize the spaces in between the breaths, the gap between the thoughts.
Episode 2
13 mins
Release the stories of who we think we are. Use intention-setting as a reminder to lay down old narratives of ourselves and drop into just being, remembering we are a part of something much bigger.
Episode 3
15 mins
Flow through this mandala practice, opening the hips and dropping into the breath moment by moment. Expand your awareness beyond the perceived limitations of your body.
Episode 4
17 mins
A seated deep hip opening practice including shambhavi mudra (third-eye gaze), breath, intention, and meditation to bring awareness to the deeper wisdom of the body and the heart.
Episode 5
17 mins
Elevate your state of being with this garuda (eagle) mudra (hand gesture) practice. Invite in an intention of self love as you gently recirculate energy throughout your body in this practice.
Episode 6
20 mins
Create a container of concentration (dharana). Through a series of lunges, forward bends, backbends, and breath work, allow the practice to become a moving meditation, training our often scattered minds to be held steadfast and improving our ability to focus.
Episode 7
17 mins
Work on taking the seat of the witness by using hamstring stretches, such as wide-leg forward fold (prasarita) and twists. Allow observation of “what is” without judgment or attachment to a theory or a story.
Episode 8
17 mins
Practice some challenging balancing poses as you reflect on your inner experience.
Episode 9
20 mins
Practice balance, build strength, and open your heart with poses like half moon (ardha chandrasana) and half frog (ardha bhekasana). This practice will help to digest and assimilate newfound insights that have been accumulated through the study of self-inquiry into the body and the mind.
Episode 10
18 mins
Apply your integrated inner awareness into the outer world. This whole body sequence encourages us to expand out while keeping our internal connection.
Episode 11
14 mins
What motivates you to come back to your mat? How do we find the discipline necessary to keep practicing? Explore these questions with a core-strengthening sequence using challenging holds in plank pose and ujjayi pranayam (breath of victory) to help focus and endurance.
Episode 12
16 mins
This slow, nourishing practice is a heart-opening flow that asks us to move through resistance, create space, and feel how forgiveness can soften and open the heart. Identify someone to dedicate this practice to, from a place of forgiveness.
Episode 13
17 mins
Most of us have parts of self we haven't made peace with. Use this practice bring compassion and forgiveness to those parts of self as you get an opening on the backs of your legs.
Episode 14
15 mins
Find the comfort in the discomfort through this centering practice that explores your unshakeable self. Embrace the flow through standing balancing postures such as tree variations, warrior 3, and twists.
Episode 15
14 mins
Celebrate your spirituality and have fun with it! Test your balance - and your sense of humor - by culminating your practice a linked series of one-legged standing balancing postures.
Episode 16
17 mins
Focus on poses that physically churn the body to wring out stuck energy and clear out old, un-useful tendencies that tie us down emotionally and clog our inner pathways.
Episode 17
17 mins
Explore broadening the boundaries of your body and mind so that you can physically feel your ability to stretch into your limitations. Practice a series of poses focusing on opening the hamstrings and working towards hanumanasana (full splits).
Episode 18
16 mins
Unlock blocks and create space in areas of the body that hold a lot of tension such as the shoulders and hips. Find physical and mental comfort in poses that ask for softness.
Episode 19
15 mins
Create space and ease within the body with chest- and shoulder-openers. Allow spaciousness through your heart beginning on your back, moving to a short standing series, and then to several belly-down chest openers.
Episode 20
16 mins
Embody the fruits of eternal commitment to constant renewal. This practice allows us to explore our personal edge and attempt a challenging arm balance while staying curious about where we have come from and where we have yet to go.
Episode 21
17 mins
Explore the diaphragm and its movement during every inhale and exhale. We will use a 3-part breathing technique and learn how to regulate the breath during this slow flow practice.
Episode 22
15 mins
Open the sides of your body to increase and explore your breath capacity.
Episode 23
15 mins
Start with breath of fire to stoke your power center and build some heat in the body. Follow that up with some spinal mobility poses and complete with a cooling breath.
Episode 24
16 mins
Stimulate your breath in this moon-focused flow class. Use alternate nostril breathing (nadi shodhana) to get grounded in order to open and receive each moment as it unfolds. Travel briskly through standing, hip opening, and core poses.