Yoga Every Day
Season 13 . 25 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S13:Ep1, Shake It Up (Preview)
Episode 1
17 mins
Stir things up to find the place where you are unshakeable. Practice dynamic breath and balancing postures to shuffle your energy and uncover the place where your spirit is unwavering.
Episode 2
15 mins
Through the lense of the five koshas (layers of being), develop your ability to see greater depth within people, experiences, and universal consciousness.
Episode 3
16 mins
This nonlinear gentle flow is inspired by the natural movement and journey of water. Let’s be like water and learn to be carried by the current of life. Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu reminds us, ”Those who flow as life flows knows they need no other force.”
Episode 4
16 mins
Sometimes we may feel stuck if we are not using our full mental potential. Activate both the left and right hemispheres of your brain, play with both logical and creative centers, and draw generative energy from your sacral chakra.
Episode 5
17 mins
Snakes rub up against something to shed their old skin and humans often need to go through discomfort to create anew. Explore shedding the old with heart opening poses.
Episode 6
20 mins
The future exists on the foundation of the present. How can you truly move forward until you are fully here now? Wrap your body and mind completely around the pure presence of the current moment, while exploring postures in the hips, feet, and legs.
Episode 7
18 mins
Begin to venture deep within by challenging the habits ingrained in your physical and mental patterns. Through hip-openers and IT band stretches, travel through movements to culminate into a potentially new and uncharted peak posture, baby grasshopper.
Episode 8
19 mins
Create space for stillness while allowing your energy to settle and your ideas to breathe. Welcome pause into your day with patient space for your body to expand with side body stretches and hip-opening postures.
Episode 9
19 mins
For things to manifest in the way you dream, it is important to be clear and purposeful. Explore a practice that will open your heart to intentional movement, such as backbends and spinal twists.
Episode 10
18 mins
Encounter the possibility of the impossible as you integrate hamstring stretches and hip-opening poses. Work toward the peak pose of wild thing, a fun way to shine big while creating space and strength.
Episode 11
17 mins
Overcome challenges with the energy of Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, as you open your hips and hamstrings. The practice includes postures, mudra (hand positions), and a five-minute chant to close.
Episode 12
15 mins
Call upon the spirit of Shiva to inspire inner quiet and focus. Through chant, mudra (hand gesture), floor-based chest and heart openers, and mindful movement, reflect on stillness.
Episode 13
16 mins
In every moment, we can make a pledge to peace. Work with mantras and mudras (hand gestures) that uplift your ability to enter into a peaceful consciousness, release fears, and evolve spiritually.
Episode 14
17 mins
Using mudra, the ‘I am Fearless’ mantra, and arm balances, we will cultivate the courage to live in our truth even when facing difficult times.
Episode 15
17 mins
Begin with a Tibetan Buddhist chant to create kindness and compassion. Then enjoy some heart opening and twisting poses that flow creatively together.
Episode 16
16 mins
The body is an amazing vessel. Explore simple poses and a breath practice to find enchantment in sensation.
Episode 17
18 mins
Over time, many of us learn to wear a suit of armor to defend ourselves from the harshness of the world. Through movements for the hamstrings, quads, and backbends, we can begin to take off our protective covering and allow ourselves to touch and be touched by life.
Episode 18
17 mins
Find the magic in the mundane with a practice to will open your eyes and body to the extraordinary expression of all things. Through arm balances and hip-openers, expand the concept of your own physical form and understand the beauty of your body in new ways.
Episode 19
18 mins
Tune in to the music and movement of the universe in this practice to imagines ourselves as a part of a global gathering of song and dance. Listen to the organic motion of your body and sing the song of your heart through backbends and balance poses.
Episode 20
16 mins
Express gratitude for the gift of you! With this warrior sequence, turn your appreciation inward and give thanks to the unique gifts that you share to make the world a wonderful place.
Episode 21
18 mins
How we move throughout our yoga practice is a mirror to how we move throughout the world. Flow from posture to posture, practicing smooth transitions that will help to experience the wild journey of life with fluidity and grace.
Episode 22
17 mins
Practice relaxing into the tides of life. This simple and fun floor practice is designed to open your hips and your throat, and challenge yourself with headstand.
Episode 23
15 mins
Yoga teaches us to slow down and focus on one step at a time. Take your time as you move toward a balancing pose in this practice.
Episode 24
16 mins
Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Explore smooth transitions in dancing warrior and balance poses to help us cruise through life with stability and grace.
Episode 25
16 mins
When unexpected pain and difficulty inevitably emerge, we can still choose how we respond. Binds can encourage us to stick with our breath in order to move through difficulties on and off the mat.