Yoga Every Day
Season 8 . 19 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S8:Ep1, Matter of the Mind (Preview)
Episode 1
19 mins
Tap into the powers of your mind while connecting to your breath. Explore a variety of standing balancing postures like eagle pose (garudasana), then close with alternate nostril breathing (nadhi shodhana) to balance out the brain.
Episode 2
17 mins
Embrace the beauty of mystery in this creative sequence to help you lean into the unknown, allowing space for what is unexpected and unfamiliar to endlessly breakdown. With practice, you will start to see comfort in constant change.
Episode 3
18 mins
Disipline (tapas) is the motivating force within you that allows you to return to something day after day. Cultivate a fiery discipline, one that will enable you to create patterns and habits that feed and nourish your body and life.
Episode 4
19 mins
Tapping into a community that can support you through transformation is essential. Remind yourself of the power that comes from being supported and asking for help with this very supported restorative practice.
Episode 5
18 mins
Use the power of heart-opening postures to connect and transform yourself to the beauty of serving others. When you recognize that who you are affects those around you, suddenly each day becomes even more important and fulfilling.
Episode 6
14 mins
Over several days, Tibetan monks work tirelessly creating a beautiful and intricate sand mandala, only to erase it as soon as they finish. This act reminds us that the only constant in life is change. Spend your practice today reminding yourself that by embracing the power of non-attachment you can acknowledge the gift of your own impermanent nature.
Episode 7
14 mins
One of the many lessons in yoga is to value your own individuality while simultaneously recognizing oneness. By honoring our own uniqueness, we give those around us permission to do the same.
Episode 9
13 mins
Begin your practice with a strength mudra (hand gensture) and revisit the theme of strength throughout class in a short standing sequence. Whether it’s a spiral in a sunflower’s center, the design of a snail’s shell, or the curl of a breaking wave, the natural creation of spirals metaphorically represent birth, a point of origin. From this place of creation we can find strength!
Episode 10
15 mins
Create new ways of thinking, explore your potential, and transform old patterns through kapalabhati (skull-shining) breathwork and a well-rounded sequence of postures to ground into new beginnings.
Episode 11
19 mins
This practice will bring you back in cadence with the internal rhythms of your heartbeat and breath, through backbends and twists. Both of these rhythms are gifts of divine physiology, ones that help us regulate an internal sanctum, bringing it back to a consistent pace.
Episode 12
18 mins
Align with your circadian rhythms - the body’s biological clocks. Move through poses dedicated to the energies of both the sun and the moon to help recalibrate inner balance and peace. In doing so, improve your daily mood, energy, and your ability to sleep and wake.
Episode 13
21 mins
Explore the lunar cycle and let this practice be a reminder of your own natural cycles, appreciating the moments you are small and quiet as much as those when you are big and bright. Enjoy poses designed to move you through moments of fullness and smaller moments of internal reflection.
Episode 14
16 mins
Sink into the fluidity of the ebb and flow of the ocean's tides. Find repeated graceful movements starting in seated poses and building to a standing side bend flow.
Episode 15
17 mins
With shorter days and colder weather, winter is a good time to go inward. Explore some gentle inversions like down dog and standing forward folds to cultivate a sense of inward awareness.
Episode 16
17 mins
The goddess of knowledge and creativity, Saraswati is the inspiration for this practice. Use her words "it it through knowledge we find possibility where there once were problems" as inspiration today to find your voice and speak your authentic truth.
Episode 17
15 mins
Wake up your hamstrings, hips, and shoulders as you explore abundance and feminine energy.
Episode 18
13 mins
Meet your inner warrior on the mat with some warrior poses to build courage and strength. When we know our strength, we can open our hearts in trying situations.
Episode 19
15 mins
Create space for the fierce energy of endings and new beginnings with this energy-moving practice of repetitive movments.
Episode 20
13 mins
Take a dip into the story of the goddess Sita and her inspirational patience, courage and loyalty while weaving together a small series of postures focused on hamstring opening.