Yoga Every Day
Season 19 . 20 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S19:Ep1, Purify with Pranayama (Preview)
Episode 1
18 mins
Practice some intense pranayama (breath) combined with postures to help move stagnant energy on every level.
Episode 2
34 mins
Work with saucha (purification) through cleansing twists and liberating movements in this practice designed to explore your natural lightness of being.
Episode 3
16 mins
Call in the cleansing power of heart-openers through this study of saucha (cleanliness). We’ll explore how deepening our breath in backbends helps to let the healing energy of the heart flow freely.
Episode 4
17 mins
Today, we explore Saucha by purifying our bodies and minds through simple but powerful inversions.
Episode 5
32 mins
Participate in the process of saucha (self-purification) with this dynamic practice created to help restore a feeling of physical and energetic vibrancy. The practice includes standing postures, twists, backbends, jumping jacks, and a deep savasana. That’s right… jumping jacks. Don’t judge. The condition of your body directly affects your state of mind. Physical inertia, stagnancy and tension can suppress your mood and, over time, influence the way you think about yourself and the world around you.
Episode 6
17 mins
Yoga is not just about self-improvement, it’s also about self-acceptance. Find contentment (santosha) with wherever you are in this practice while rooting in ourselves with standing poses.
Episode 7
32 mins
To discover contentment (santosha), we must first recognize the gifts and talents that we bring to this world. Take time to express appreciation for the offerings you share with the universe as we deepen into hamstring stretches such as Hanumanasana.
Episode 8
16 mins
Find contentment (santosha) by celebrating your small and large accomplishments during this practice that will work your hips and shoulders.
Episode 9
15 mins
Cultivate contentment (santosha) by letting go of your expectations. Learn to release your attachment to the outcome as you try new things in binds and balancing postures.
Episode 10
35 mins
Focus on approaching the challenge of being at peace with whatever arises. The sequence includes surya namaskar (sun salutations), balancing postures, standing postures, handstand, backbends, and some quieting closing postures. It’s through the process of meeting yourself well in the practice that you hone the subtle yet powerful skill of cultivating contentment out there in the world.
Episode 11
15 mins
Practice the yogic art of self-reflection by turning your gaze inward as you move mindfully through poses with a deep connection to your breath.
Episode 12
30 mins
Explore the journey of svadhyaya (self-reflection) in this easeful practice focused on cultivating the witness within.
Episode 13
16 mins
It’s important to remember that self-reflection is not self-deprecation. In this heart-opening class, learn to let the light of self-study illuminate the areas of your being that you might usually see with darkness.
Episode 14
16 mins
Svadhyaya (self-reflection) increase our capacity to grow into the best version of ourselves. In this practice, we will open up space in our legs to expand.
Episode 15
35 mins
Observe your thoughts, feelings, and behavior from an objective perspective is central to the practices of yoga. To study habitual patterns through meditation, contemplation, and the study of ancient texts is what the yoga tradition calls svadhyaya, or ‘self study.’ Join this reflective practice to help explore your own inner terrain. The practice includes moon salutations, longer-held standing postures, seated twists, meditation, and contemplation. Like moonlight reflecting off of a calm lake, so the mind stills and the ever emergent light of the Self can be seen.
Episode 16
17 mins
Ishvara pranidhana is one of the five niyamas, or yogic principles that guide us in life, and refers to the power of surrender. Explore the ability to be like a tree in the wind, soft yet flexible, so that we bend but do not break. We’ll focus on standing and balancing postures as we surrender into the base of our body.
Episode 17
31 mins
Practice the art of surrender (ishvara pranidhana) while opening your hamstrings in deep forward folds.
Episode 18
17 mins
Deepen into the theme of ishvara pranidhana (surrender) with this vibrant practice to create space and mobility within your hips and devotion within your heart.
Episode 19
17 mins
Explore the power and intelligence of the heart to cultivate a greater capacity to surrender and trust the flow of life.
Episode 20
32 mins
A down-tempo practice that explores the subtlety of surrender using floor-based postures, hip release techniques, and moving meditation. TThe practice of Ishvara Pranidhana (self-surrender) is to attune your awareness to the purity of presence in yourself and others. Perhaps the most refined version of the practice of Ishvara Pranidhana is to offer yourself up to the graceful and intelligent flow of divine consciousness that unites us all.