Yoga Every Day
Season 10 . 20 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S10:Ep1, Easy Does It (Preview)
Episode 1
21 mins
This practice is designed to help you transition steadily and mindfully from winter’s hibernation to springtime growth. Using a sequence of mild backbends, begin to open yourself up to the warm and elevated energy of the season.
Episode 2
19 mins
Be inspired by spring and use this practice as an opportunity to water and nurture the tiny blooms that are waiting to burst open inside of you. Using poses that will open your hamstrings, such as standing splits and full splits (hanumanasana), leave your mat feeling renewed and refreshed.
Episode 3
16 mins
Experience your body's life force with a flowing practice of lunges and a pranayama (breath) practice.
Episode 4
20 mins
Focus on poses that embody the zestful energy of reaching towards light and the celebration of spring. Explore heart opening postures and twists to help you reawaken your spirit.
Episode 5
20 mins
Celebrate the spring season with an opportunity to drink in life’s beautiful nectar. Through twists, side body stretches, and backbends such as camel pose (ustrasana), feel the awakened spirit within your body.
Episode 6
20 mins
Get centered to draw power from the root chakra. Use a Ganesha mantra and the focus of intention to discover the foundation of poses that will direct your energy to your shoulders, hip flexors, hips, and hamstrings.
Episode 7
18 mins
Embrace and honor who you are in this practice. Use the power of intention and mantra to strengthen your authentic self, detaching from the need to impress or prove yourself to anyone else.
Episode 8
19 mins
Use mantra, mudra (hand gestures), and asana (movement) to discover your powerful and synergistic center. Yoga is about the union of opposites - bringing together things that seem separate but in reality are not.
Episode 9
18 mins
Join Steph today as you play on your mat in steadiness and ease to discover a balanced center.
Episode 10
19 mins
Hanuman, also known as the monkey god, helps us connect to the purpose of devotion, guiding us to connect with our powerful heart center. Explore hamstring openers and full splits with this practice.
Episode 11
16 mins
The tools of pranayama (breath) and asana (pose) help you see yourself in a new way. As you move in and out of lunging poses, remember to reflect from a neutral perspective.
Episode 12
18 mins
Using backbends, this practice will remind you to see yourself through the loving eyes of your heart, rather than the critical, self-sabotaging voice we so often hear. Explore backbending postures that help you open up into dancer's pose (natarajasana).
Episode 13
17 mins
This practice is designed to bring you into a state of sacred communion with yourself. True reflection is relationship and, when it’s done honestly and kindly, you can learn how to engage and relate in all areas of your life. Use your time on the mat today to have a conversation with your body and breath, allowing this sacred relationship to develop.
Episode 14
18 mins
Cultivate a peaceful and happy state in this hip-focused practice. While the asanas (poses) might be challenging at times, the goal of the class is to learn how to calmly cope with triggers that incite physical and mental unrest or stress.
Episode 15
17 mins
Get deep into your hips and hamstrings as you return to your inner awareness for a sense of connection and home.
Episode 16
17 mins
Find a moving meditation, slowing the cadence of your breath while opening your heart, hips, and hamstrings. By observing your breath and body as you practice, you can still your mind and enjoy the graceful magic of being fully present.
Episode 17
19 mins
Garuda, half man, half eagle, was the carrier vehicle for Lord Vishnu. The inspiration of eagles, known for their clear vision, will help us clarify our vision for ourselves. Using the Garuda Mudra in your vinyasa practice with Steph today, you will circulate wind energy that will also cleanse and balance your system.
Episode 18
16 mins
The mantra so hum (I am all that is) connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Use this mantra as a guide for your practice as you gently flow through hip- and hamstring-focused poses.
Episode 19
17 mins
Move with your breath in this simple and fluid practice. Expect some lunges and some backbends while in moving meditation.
Episode 20
16 mins
This gentle practice includes standing postures, floor hip stretches, seated twists, and closes with a mantra chant in savasana.