Yoga Every Day
Season 6 . 25 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S6:Ep1, Root to Rise (Preview)
Episode 1
15 mins
Explore how opposites are experienced in yoga, moving through a sequence of standing and seated postures. As you work through the practice, notice how the strongest foundations are those that allow the most growth. The word “hatha” itself integrates two opposites, the sun and the moon, creating the basis for the practice. What is moving up? What is moving down? What is light? What is heavy?
Episode 2
15 mins
Expand your upper body, explore variations of common poses leading up to a challenging balances pose, then close with stretches for your hamstrings. The suspension of the torso is the key behind freeing your breath. When you learn how to float your torso, both on and off the mat, you discover what it feels like to truly open up and allow the breath in.
Episode 3
17 mins
With your breath as a gauge, you can explore how much effort you actually need while you move through a vigorous and playful vinyasa class.
Episode 4
18 mins
Literally translated, “asana” means “to find a seat.” This practice is seated,while exploring hip openers and ultimately work towards lotus pose (padmasana).
Episode 5
17 mins
A short practice to open and release your body from head to toe. Work into standing postures like revolved triangle, utilizing the practice for self-realization and creating bliss in the body and mind.
Episode 6
18 mins
In Sanskrit, the word “samyoga” represents the "great confusion." Through the use of binds and twists, embody the physical restriction as well as the freedom that is felt after the release.
Episode 7
18 mins
“Prakriti” in Sanskrit represents the entire spectrum of where false-identification of Self originates. When you identify with your outer world, it is easy to get lost in the deception of prakriti. Through countering twists, grounded folds, and heart opener,s open your heart to your inner light and highest Self away from the external world attachments.
Episode 8
15 mins
Beneath everything in our external world lies something that is eternal and unchanging. In Sanskrit, the word for this is “purusa,” the true self that is unchanged by time or space. Use core work in variations of plank, boat pose, and grounded twists to tap into your truth, the real you that is at the core of your consciousness.
Episode 9
17 mins
Dedicate your practice to your relationship with your breath, focusing on how it connects inner and outer aspects of yourself. Enjoy a guided breathing practice while lying in savasana.
Episode 10
19 mins
Find the awareness necessary to stay connected to forces between your inner and outer worlds. Through subtle core work and expansive backbends, stay tethered to the divine while walking through the here and now.
Episode 11
16 mins
Explore pratyahara, or the withdrawing of your senses through an inner gaze. Through movement and a powerful practice known as shanmukhi mudra (womb mudra), discover how rich and divine you are by choosing to direct your energy inward.
Episode 12
19 mins
Move through meditations, mudra, and movement. Draw your awareness up and in and as you raise your conscious vibration, and experience a profound feeling of wisdom as the body and heart unite!
Episode 13
17 mins
Enjoy this simple flow of sun salutations and remember the divine gift of life as you breathe into the back of your heart center.
Episode 14
16 mins
Get ready to ditch the negative and bring in the positive with this strong practice. Using both a mudra (hand gesture) and a mantra for inner strength, this standing warrior series will aid in relieving stress, anxiety, and unhappy thoughts, reminding you that you really are capable of more than you think.
Episode 15
18 mins
From many perspectives, the practice of yoga is designed to fold back the petals of a lotus to reveal a beautiful jewel that symbolizes a truth which frees you from feeling a need to prove yourself to the world. Use meditation and asana (poses) to move you closer to the divine spark in your heart.
Episode 16
18 mins
This practice is all about grounding, taking it slow and focusing on your ability to drop in. By bringing your awareness to your feet, you tap into a supportive anchor, one that is capable of keeping you calm even when you feel like the world is spinning. Focus on your breath today and pay attention to the power of your feet.
Episode 17
17 mins
When you focus on gathering, you focus on pulling in what you need - energy, loved ones, community, breath - anything that positively fills you up. Dedicate your time on your mat to gathering up all of the things that serve you well. Use meditation and body movements to better understand what it means to “gather” with all of your senses.
Episode 18
17 mins
Give thanks and explore the energy of the heart with some spine strengthening and gentle back bending poses.
Episode 19
16 mins
Use your time on the mat to celebrate gratitude, bringing to focus all of the things in your life that fill you up. Notice the things that nourish you and those that don’t, choosing carefully as you feast on gratitude to ensure you feel great before, during, and after in this well rounded practice.
Episode 20
18 mins
Gratitude is a journey, one that begins and ends over and over again. Consider anchoring back to body, breath, and self through this slow-moving pose, with many seated poses close to the earth.
Episode 21
17 mins
Start with a chant to spark devotion and move towards a simple hamstring opening practice. Chant: om sita ram namaha.
Episode 22
15 mins
Open your hips and hamstrings as you use your practice to consider what your super powers are.
Episode 23
18 mins
Take time to use your breath to move prana (life-force) into stuck areas of your life. In doing so, that monkey mind chattering will begin to calm and you will develop a connection with those often-neglected subtle body layers.
Episode 24
17 mins
The practice of yoga begins to create a bridge between Self and Divine and the more you surrender, the more that bridge is strengthened. While you don’t need to let go of everything, take time to think about what you could forgive, accept, or be kinder towards in this heart and hip opening practice.
Episode 25
21 mins
Let’s face it - taking care of others can be a lot easier than taking care of ourselves. Use this short practice to begin embracing radical self-care. As you work toward full splits (Hanumanasana), remember that Hanuman had to fill his cup before being able to truly give to others.