Yoga Every Day
Season 17 . 25 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S17:Ep1, Open Your Spine to Reset (Preview)
Episode 1
20 mins
Release stuck energy in the areas around your spine. Open with a clearing meditation followed by a sequence of spinal undulations. Close with a short flow to strengthen and stretch the spine.
Episode 2
32 mins
A detoxifying, twisty flow, to create space (shunya) and open up for new beginnings. Begin with the breath of fire (kapalabhati) pranayama (breath work) to release stuck energy. Then, a twisting, heat-generating flow that builds up to revolved half-moon pose (parivrtta ardha chandrasana) to activate your inner fire. Close with a mudra meditation that invites the breath to flow throughout the central channel and calls to open up to our own peaceful nature.
Episode 3
20 mins
Liberate any tension stored in your hips and explore Shunya — the state of open, spacious awareness in which we are free of any struggle or stress. Begin in a long-held, yin-like seated posture before moving into a hip-opening sequence that works up to lizard pose (utahan pristhasana), all the while remaining in constant connection to the breath.
Episode 4
17 mins
Through practicing heart openers and cultivating meditative awareness, we will start to pay attention to the wisdom within ourselves.
Episode 5
35 mins
Empty out stuck energy through this unique combination of breath work (pranayama), core strengthening, twists, and shaking movements. Aimed at awakening the body's vital energy and reducing stress, this practice invides in the yogic state of emptiness, shunya, to elevate you to a refreshed and renewed vantage point.
Episode 6
15 mins
Plant the seed of your sankalpa (intention) through this grounded practice of floor-based twists, forward folds, and hip openers.
Episode 7
30 mins
Discover your gratitude with chest-opening postures. Begin with a short gratitude practice to help you connect with your sankalpa (intention), then move on to a sequence on heart-expanding postures that peaks with one-legged camel. Close with a beautiful chant that honors the love emanating from the divine mother.
Episode 8
15 mins
Cultivate intention (sankalpa) in the spirit of confidence and strength in this flow focusesd on balance postures. Stabilize your center, open up your hamstrings, and build up to the balance posture half moon (ardha chandrasana).
Episode 9
15 mins
Let’s lengthen and strengthen our hip flexor muscles to create more space in our body for our intention to manifest.
Episode 10
35 mins
You may have had a yoga teacher ask you to set an intention - but what does that really mean? Join Kevin Courtney in this class that will illuminate the process of truly cultivating and orienting around intention, or sankalpa.
Episode 11
18 mins
Explore warrior and balance postures that build up to half-moon as you express your loving commitment to showing up for yourself, and your practice.
Episode 12
32 mins
Explore this steady yet challenging practice to create space in all areas of your hips and legs.This practice begins with a chant and builds to a flow with standing postures intended to open your lower body. Find stillness with longer grounded yin postures as you work toward hanumanasana (full splits). Inspired by the energy of the monkey god, Hanuman, draw courage from your heart as you embody possibility and devotion.
Episode 13
17 mins
The path of commited practice isn’t always an easy journey. To develop our abhyasa (devotion to practice), we must first be honest with ourselves about where we are at. Allow your heart to open up to whatever arises for you in this practice, which centers on a backbending sequence that leads up to an optional upward-facing bow (urdhva dhanurasana).
Episode 14
18 mins
Build dedication to your practice (abhyasa) with a core-strengthening sequence that brings us into closer connection with our center and trust. Pranayama (breath) exercises will build confidence in your core along with a series of core exercises that culminate in crow pose (bakasana).
Episode 15
35 mins
An energetic practice placing the currency of your attention on three primary centers: heart, navel, and root. As we generate heat through standing poses, forward folds, side bends and twists, experience the naturally occurring alchemy of change that comes with that level of presence, focus, and dedication.
Episode 16
16 mins
Cultivate tapas (discipline and focus) as you activate your lower body with standing and balancing postures.
Episode 17
31 mins
Shake up stuck patterns and free up space for new beginnings in this multifaceted practice that focuses on opening up the side body. In general, our movements are concentrated within the front and back planes of the body. Today, through twists, squats, standing pose and down dog variations, pranayama (breath work), and mantra meditation, we will create space the full circumference of our torso and make room for greater transformation.
Episode 18
16 mins
Discover your edge of transformation with this sequence that features one-legged balance postures. Begin with a stretch of your hamstrings and calf muscles, then continue on to a progressive sequence that prepares you for balancing postures.
Episode 19
16 mins
Ignite your core and and encounter your edge in this practice guided by the principle of tapas (transformative fire). As we lean into the intensity emanating from our center in forearm planks and squats, we will unearth our untapped strength and potential.
Episode 20
35 mins
Stoke your inner fire, known as tapas in the yogic tradition, through this energizing practice. Begin with a gentle standing warm up followed by a shaking practice to release stuck energy in the body. From here dive deeper in to several standing and kneeling postures, breath exercises, and then to the wall for the second half of your practice to engage in wall-supported poses to turn up the heat. Close with soothing floor based postures to cool and release the body. A blank supporting wall is needed for much of this practice.
Episode 21
16 mins
Discover trust (shraddha) in this practice by rooting down with standing and balancing poses. Begin with a short mudra (hand gesture) and mantra meditation to connect with your root chakra (energy center), then move into a flow that weaves in balancing postures.
Episode 22
30 mins
Work with backbends to face the fear of the unknown. Expand your heart in all directions in this heart-opening flow featuring kriya (action) and asana (poses) that culminate in upward-facing bow (urdva dhanurasana).
Episode 23
17 mins
Connect with the intelligence in your gut - which can guide you purposefully through life. Begin with breath work to activate your core, then move into an intense core-strengthening plank sequence.
Episode 24
16 mins
In this practice, join Dayna in bringing more breath and awareness into the back body and increase your capacity to trust in what we don’t yet see or understand.
Episode 25
35 mins
Embrace a series of prop-supported postures to invite space for the gifts of yoga practice and offer you the stillness to trust the natural intelligence of your body, heart, and mind.