Yoga Every Day
Season 4 . 20 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S4:Ep1, Love of Body (Preview)
Episode 1
17 mins
The way we treat the external world is a true reflection of the way we treat our own self. Non-harming (ahimsa) is first and foremost to be applied to self and it clear in this practice that encourages us to be kind to our bodies.
Episode 2
16 mins
Long holds in poses that are a bit challenging give you the chance to reflect on and choose your thoughts. Choosing kind thoughts is part of ahimsa (non-violence) from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.
Episode 3
18 mins
Speaking non-harmfully (ahimsa) is so important and so needed in our world today. We must rise to the challenge of communicating honestly but always thoughtfully. Explore using speech as a way to spread love as we focus on the throat chakra, the energetic home of communication in the body and backbends such as camel pose (ustrasana).
Episode 4
17 mins
Ahimsa, defined as non-violence, is a principle from The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Enjoy a simple practice to open your hips and knees while you focus on compassion in action, which is an aspect of ahimsa.
Episode 5
17 mins
The principle of non-harming (ahimsa) explands to the Earth and all her flora and fauna. Experience a gentle practice seasoned with poses that have Earth or animal names, such as tree pose and cow-face pose to help connect to the essence of the other-than-human world.
Episode 6
16 mins
Balancing postures requires a strong foundation. In this grounding practice, send your roots to the earth and feel how it supports the structure of the pose, the breath, and our presence.
Episode 7
15 mins
Use the mantra "I am centered" while moving through sun salutations and playing with balancing poses. This practice will create a sense of groundedness on and off the mat.
Episode 8
18 mins
Free up some tension from the hips and hamstrings - areas that hold the complex tapestry of our history. Notice what comes up as we open up these areas, and allow space for what arises.
Episode 9
16 mins
Consider the embodiment of your intention and the power to shape your experience. Practice supine hand to big toe pose and lengthen the hips, hamstrings, and side bodies.
Episode 10
15 mins
Explore extended hand to big toe pose (utthita hasta padangusthasana) as you set an intention to help shape your experience, connect to foundation, use a centering mantra, and create space to allow for what arises.
Episode 11
19 mins
In order to successfully attempt any big posture - or any big life experience for that matter - we must first build a sturdy foundation. The practice includes a focus on stretching the hamstrings and the thighs.
Episode 12
16 mins
Finding balance is an ongoing practice. Explore sourcing steadiness from within the body with a few chalenging balance poses. Get centered mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Episode 13
18 mins
To prepare for any kind of big backbend it is important to move the spine in all ways in order to lubricate the back for a major extended expression. Explore all movements of the spine to encourage a healthy, happy spine.
Episode 14
17 mins
Shoulders, just like hips, tend to be an area of the body that can cause some grief and need some love. This practice has a strong focus on opening up the shoulders, the gatekeepers to our backbends.
Episode 15
18 mins
We all could probably use a little more dance in our lives. There is such a joy, playfulness and fullness to ourselves when we dance. Get into dancer's pose (natarajasana) with an invitation to move and be moved by it. Don’t walk, don’t run…Dance!
Episode 16
16 mins
A simple application of breath to movement can be a powerful way to get your practice to be a meditative flow. Explore satya (truth) by taking a mindful approach to linking breath to movements in order to slow down and fully experience the truth in each moment.
Episode 17
14 mins
By listening more closely to the body, we begin to understand the body never lies. In today’s practice, explore the application of satya (truth in practice) while tuning into the body’s requirements. Learn to find a balance between what you're putting into the pose and what you're receiving.
Episode 18
15 mins
Explore the spaces in between the breaths, and in between the thoughts. By taking the powerful role of the observer, we see more clearly our satya (truth) both in our experiences and choices on and off the mat. Often it just takes a little space for our truth to become clearer.
Episode 19
16 mins
Clearing energy in the throat region allows us to speak our truth and apply satya more freely. Use chanting and backbending postures to open up the throat chakra and explore what it takes to state our truth.
Episode 20
17 mins
Chant OM to connect and flow and the silent mantra ‘I am Truth’, or ‘So Ham’ as a reminder we are connected to something bigger than Self. The sound of OM can vibrate at 432 mhz to hold the same vibrational frequency found in the earth, planets and stars.