David Icke Dot Connector

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The world we live in is vastly different than the world we think we live in. A myriad of players have unwittingly conspired to weave an intricate web of deception and disinformation in order to bring about the realization of a single agenda. An agenda that is beneficial to only a tiny fraction of the population and detrimental for the rest of us. It is nearly impossible for us to fathom the depth and breadth of this plan unless we first connect the dots and discover who, or what, is at the center of it all.

David Icke takes us on an unbelievable journey through the headlines of today’s news and across government policies in order to highlight aspects of an otherworldly plan for our planet’s population. All along the way, he connects the dots between major world events and a great agenda seeking to enslave all of humanity. How do you fit into this grand scheme? Connect the dots and find out.