Connecting All the Dots

We have explored many elements as we have taken this step-by-step journey to go from the world we believe we live in, to understanding the world that we really live in. But what we have yet to fully comprehend is the breadth and depth of the ultimate goal woven by the unseen forces trying to rule our world. In reality, the truth is right before our eyes, if only we know how to look.

From mainstream media, to sustainable development and the workings of HAARP, we see the larger elements of this network of control every day. Yet, few of us are able to put all of the pieces together and see the big picture. David Icke finally connects all of the dots in this expansive agenda to reveal the ultimate goal of this global power play and how we can actually defend against it.

Featuring: David Icke, Richie Allen
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English