Huston Smith and Dietrich Klinghart

Eye of the Spirit: Teachers Talking with Elizabeth Lesser
S1:Ep124 mins2002Guest: Huston Smith, Dietrich Klinghart

To Huston Smith each religion of the world is a precious jewel in a string of pearls. Celebrated author of the World's Religions, he also lives them. In his 80's he practices yoga daily, belongs to a Methodist church, and prays to Allah five times a day. Teacher, mentor and inspiration to the multitudes, Huston is the living embodiment of world religions in a lifetime of practice, study and contribution.

Dietrich Klinghart, M.D., Ph.D., is a Western-trained medical doctor and psychologist, also familiar with holistic methods, who wields the ability to get to the heart of human pain through their families - even generationally rooted pain. In his model, the Five Levels of Healing, he recognizes that the physical body is but one level of truth and introduces the territory and interventions applicable to other non visible levels, including the physical, electromagnetic, mental, intuitive and soul levels. Understanding how deeply we are all connected, he holds great hope for this work because in healing individuals the whole family is shifted.

Instructor/Host: Elizabeth Lesser
Featuring: Huston Smith, Dietrich Klinghart
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