If Life Is a Game, These are the Rules (Cherie Carter-Scott) – Part 2

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S1:Ep3623 mins1999Guest: Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott

You've heard that what you make of your life is up to you. But whether you love or hate your lessons, learning certain things is also part of the curriculum you have already chosen. What is more, shares Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, author of If Life is a Game, Here are the Rules, there are no mistakes – only lessons. Life is a process of experimentation, trial and error, and the failed experiments are just as much a part of the process as the ones that work the first time. Explore your spiritual DNA, your life's purpose, your path, and what your unique lessons reveal about why you're here.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott
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