Meeting with Mentors (Soren Gordhamer)

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S1:Ep822 mins1999Guest: Soren Gordhamer

Soren Gordhamer is a young man who set out to find wisdom and answers to life's many questions by conducting interviews with many people he believed were wonderful mentors. During his interviews with these special people, Gordhamer discovered that every person has a story to tell, wisdom to impart, about their life experiences and the difficulties that they overcame during their lifetime.

He believes that today's youth are often fed with answers, when what they really need are stories that they can understand and relate to, to guide them through the challenges that life presents them. If he can impart one piece of advice to the youth of today, it would be to find someone in their life that they can talk openly and honestly to, to serve as their support. And from that support system, a rich relationship will evolve that is beneficial to both individuals.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Soren Gordhamer
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