Myth and the Body (Stanley Keleman) – Part 1

Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove
S1:Ep4123 mins2000Guest: Stanley Keleman

Our bodies tell stories. But what can they tell us about mythology? Stanley Keleman, founder of the field of formative psychology, director of the Center for Energetic Studies in Berkeley, CA, and author of Myth and the Body,/em>, held seminars on myth and the body with Joseph Campbell, the great scholar of mythology, for 14 years.

Together, they presented the idea that mythology is grounded in the human body, an idea counter-intuitive to the day owing to a cultural alienation of our own bodies and a belief that mythology meant gods and nature and things outside the body. They saw meaning in the nature and shape of various body types. Rather than viewing myth as a cultural product, Stanley defines it as biological product.

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Instructor/Host: Jeffrey Mishlove
Featuring: Stanley Keleman
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