Water and Its Powers

Take a journey into the realm of water, taking us beyond its everyday dimension to evoke its value as a symbol, its uses in ritual, its powers, its gods. It takes us into Africa, Central America, Europe; and into Egypt, China, India.

We go and meet communities to discover the place given to water in their beliefs, their religions or their myths. Water as the great Mother of the Universe, as a feminine source linked to fertility; water and its deities —rain gods in China, among the Maya, among the Dogon; river spirits, ocean gods, Neptune and his nymphs. Water as the principal element in rituals — in the India of today, just as in ancient Greece or in Voodoo rites; water the purifier in Hinduism and as in the religions of the book, the myth of the flood, the waters of the Ganges, the deification of the Nile, the river and hell, springs and their miraculous properties.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English