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The Ways of the Mystic (Dr. Joan Borysenko)

1998Ep1524 mins
Guest: Joan Borysenko

Fascinated by how people heal, Dr. Joan Borysenko, co-founder of The Mind Body Clinic at Harvard Medical School and author of The Ways of the Mystic, analyzes how bio- and neurochemistry respond to thought and prayer, or mind and spirit, as a natural part of an integrated or holistic system.

Bringing together science, psychology and spirituality, her studies of mysticism reveal how we grow in love and wisdom. Dr. Borysenko distinguishes that we have different neuro-pathways or wiring for living our unique gifts in life and describes seven archetypes that can help us understand and work with our true strengths.

Instructor/Host: Linda Arnold
Featuring: Joan Borysenko
Video Language: English