Leslie Sansone - Walk away the Pounds - The Evening Mile Plus Legs

Leslie Sansone
1 Season, 2 Episodes

End your day the right way - with The Evening Mile Plus Legs! Most of you have busy and hectic lives with work, kids, laundry...you get the point. Leslie Sansone’s Evening Mile Plus Legs is a great way to walk the stresses out of your lives. Sort of like the tune about washing the grey out of your hair. Instead it's walking the stresses out of our lives. Leslie will lead you though a short warm-up that leads to movements designed to stretch and lengthen your muscles...improving your joints. This is a gentle and soothing walk. This 1 mile walk is still brisk enough to increase your metabolism so you'll burn calories.

Leslie has also included her best leg workout. This 10-minute segment will put your legs in the best physical shape ever.

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