Clara Roberts-Oss leads this live Power Vinyasa class; Up, Down, Upside Down. I love exploring different plans during the practice! This class will take you from the ground, to the mid-plane to the heavens with the focus being on opening shoulders, hamstrings and core cultivation to prepare the body for handstands. We will explore donkey kicks as well as scissor legs. Enjoy what each plane offers you: grounding, heat, lightness, and fluidity.Contraindications: If you’re in the first trimester of pregnancy, please do not attempt handstands. If you’re pregnant (2nd-3rd trimester) and did not have an inversion practice prior to pregnancy, please do not attempt handstands. Caution to those with wrist injuries.

Featuring Music by: Zamir Dhanji, James Crocker, 10 West.

Instructor/HostClara Roberts-Oss