Kick your shoes off and give your feet some much needed attention and care. Yoga for feet classes are designed to create some space in the soles of your feet, arches, and toes to encourage a strong and soft foundation to hold you up and help you move through life with greater ease. Gaia has carefully curated a library of accessible online yoga classes to help you and your feet feel better. Some people will benefit from classes that hone in on alignment principles and body mechanics to develop a sense of subtle body awareness in this often forgotten area of the body. Alternatively, you might need something more tangible and self-care based, such as a class that uses muscle releasing techniques or self massage. Explore a variety of classes for feet and begin to discover how to give your feet and toes what they need. No matter if you wear heels or hiking boots, Gaia has the perfect online yoga practice for putting your best foot forward.

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