In times of needing healing, find practices for when our daily life seems to shift and needs for mental and physical support change. The beauty of establishing an online yoga practice is that there are practices available to assist you in your healing journey, whether you are in your home, in bed, or perhaps recovering in a hospital. Physical healing is a game of patience, acceptance, and more patience. Use these accessible online yoga and meditation practices to listen to the needs of your body and mind. Sink into the healing journey with open arms, and find empowerment in the knowledge that most things are temporary on this journey. Find yoga for healing classes designed for all levels and abilities. Your healing journey practice may be a simple body scan or meditation that can be done from your bed, as you visualize healing on a cellular level. Other practices might be done using a chair for support, as you bring gentle movements to your body, noticing with gratitude how you can evolve with your yoga practice. The most important thing to note as you continue down your personal healing journey, listen to your body and what you need over anything else. Gaia and our community of expert yoga and meditation teachers are here to support you along the way, morning or night, we have a the perfect healing yoga or meditation practice just for you.

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