Transition from day to night with relaxing evening yoga practices to cultivate ease and balance. Explore Gaia’s online yoga videos of evening yoga practices to find techniques for relaxation and de-stressing. Create a nightly yoga ritual to help you move out of your busy day and into your evening. Whether you are looking for a calming yoga practice for bedtime or an energetic evening practice to shake off your day, Gaia’s wide range of yoga for evening videos holds something for everyone. Soften your nervous system with Gaia’s series of nighttime yoga for anyone who has trouble sleeping or turning off after an energetic day. A healthy evening yoga routine can help release tight muscles and calm a busy mind to set you up for a successful night’s sleep. Start your evening with evening yoga stretches in a slow-paced hatha practice or deliberate yin class. Alternatively, work out tension from a busy day with a sweaty evening vinyasa yoga class to get your heart racing and allow your mind to focus movement by movement, breath by breath. Gaia’s collection of evening practices include relaxing bedtime yoga sequences for relaxation and sleep as well as online guided meditations and pranayama (breathwork) to set you up for a restful night ahead. Gaia’s yoga and meditation teachers tap into a wealth of knowledge to share their own tips and tricks to help you move from day to night with ease and grace.

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