Sleep is one of the most essential components of staying healthy and thinking clearly. Common sleep issues can include trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, nightmares, chronic insomnia, and sleep apnea. Use yoga for sleep and guided meditation for sleep practices to release tension in the body and calm busy thoughts in the mind to allow you to combat fatigue. Find a yoga for sleep video that suits your needs for a good night’s rest so you can wake up tomorrow feeling like your best, well-rested self. Enjoy a variety of practices for deep relaxation and deep calming to help ease into the evening and prepare yourself for rest and relaxation. Gaia’s collection of yoga for sleep classes and guided meditation for sleep techniques include restorative yoga, yin yoga, guided meditations, and gentle hatha yoga. Gaia’s yoga for sleep classes include an accessible collection of practices for all experience levels. Try adding a gentle movement practice before bed to aid your transition into sound sleep or listen to a guided meditation for sleep right before bed or while getting settled into sleep. A combination of a gentle yoga for sleep movement practice and a guided meditation for relaxation session can give your body and mind the time and space it needs to release, calm, soften, and find ease as you drift off. Soothing audio meditations and relaxing yoga video practices are also a great tool for times when you are restless and need help getting back to sleep. Gaia's catalogue of helpful sleep practices can allow you to find powerful sleep and deep, easy rest any time you need. Find a new bedtime routine where you can rest, restore, relax, and find peaceful sleep.

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