Yoga for Climbers

The physical and mental demands of rock climbing match perfectly with what a consistent yoga and meditation practice can deliver: Climbers need a balance of strength, stability, and flexibility. Scaling up a limestone wall or in the climbing gym requires a level of focus, stamina, and confidence. Explore Gaia's growing online library of yoga practices to support your climbing, whether you are a beginner looking for accessible ways to prevent injury, or a seasoned pro who needs a go-to class on the road between adventures. It's not just about physical flexibility and stamina - like many other sports, rock climbing is just as much a mental game as a physical one - it is a moving meditation. Establishing a consistent and personal meditation practice supports your mental fitness, so you can stay safe while on the rock, at the gym, or on rest days. Learn to use your breath as you fire up every part of your body with Gaia's online yoga classes. Find carefully curated vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, yin, restorative, and meditation classes, to get flexibility, strength, and peace of mind all in one place. Download online yoga and meditation videos from the app to your phone so you can practice on the go, at the gym, or even on the mountain.

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