Weak in the knees? Yoga can be daunting for those with knee problems, but it doesn't have to be. This collection of yoga for knees contains practices designed to strengthen and protect the muscles surrounding the knee and to ultimately relieve pain. Featuring a variety of movements aimed at releasing harmful patterns, this series includes poses designed for every type of knee problem or challenge. Most people don't realize that knee problems are rarely rooted in the knee itself. Instead, the most common source of issues lies in in the muscles and ligaments surrounding it. Your knee is a joint that is meant only to bend and extend. When asked to do something beyond this role, the structures of the knee are stressed and can lock or hyperextend. Often in yoga, if your hips are too tight, then the movement that should be happening in the pelvis moves down to the knee. If left uncorrected, this imbalanced pull of muscles on the knee can lead to severe problems or injury. In this yoga for knees series, our expert team of teachers focus on movements aimed at increasing range of motion and realignment of the knee and surrounding joints. Perfect for anyone whose knee snaps, crackles, or pops, when performed mindfully, these poses can help you to regain strength and flexibility. Whether you have chronic knee pain, ligament damage, or shin splints, there's a class to help you move through the misalignments and create elasticity in the muscles and connected tissues surrounding your knee. Discover how to regain strength and protection with yoga for knees.

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