Strengthen and stretch the muscles supporting the knees with Gaia’s collection of online yoga videos. Yoga classes for knees include focused sequences to release unhelpful patterns, observe locking and hyperextension, and strengthen around the joint. Knees take a lot of pressure on a daily basis from simple actions such as walking, going up and down stairs, and even standing still. Gaia’s online yoga teachers guide yoga for knees in an accessible way for bodies of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. For athletes, strength and flexibility in your knees is vital for many individual sports including running, skiing, and cycling, as well as team sports such as soccer, football, and basketball. Any medium- to high-impact exercise puts gravitational pressure onto the knees and a yoga practice to tone the muscles that support your knee joint can help you to avoid undue stress or discomfort. A guided yoga practice with Gaia's teachers can provide tips and tricks to find the best movements for your individual needs. Gaia’s online yoga collection ranges from yin yoga for knees, hatha yoga for knee strength, vinyasa yoga for knee mobility, and yoga tutorials for knee flexibility. Whatever your yoga style preference, Gaia’s yoga teachers have specific expertise and personal experience to help you find the yoga that best suits your knees. If you have specific questions concerning the health of your knees, please consult your doctor.

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