Yoga for Sports

Yoga isn't just for yogis. Whether you're a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, yoga can be a unique and useful way to balance your conditioning. Prevent injury and improve performance, grab your mat for our yoga for athletes collection of videos. This specially curated collection of practices will help you increase muscle memory, improve core strength, and become more flexible. Game on! Every sport has special movements that tend to stress certain muscle groups and strengthen others. This can lead to imbalance and possible injuries. An amazing cross training tool, yoga for athletes encourages balanced action throughout the whole body, increases efficiency in the way we move, and most importantly helps us cultivate more self awareness. In this collection, you'll find fully-integrated sequences of movement that balance the entire body and allow you to be injury free and improve performance. Cultivate your base and reinforce your structure, so you can have healthy movement inside and out. Most athletes generally over train and don't take enough time for rest and recovery. Settle into the breath and dissolve tension in your body. Move through postures that open up your body to enhance your form to keep you running longer and stronger. Yoga for athletes is an excellent method of enhancing your performance as it combines physical conditioning and focused concentration. Enhance your abilities in whatever sport you participate. Get in the zone as your mind and body are fully coordinate and learn how to focus your mind in your body and breath. Improve your game, play strong, relax deeply and have fun.

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