Our hands and wrists are the most used areas of our body when it comes to basic survival, communication, and recreation. Often in yoga, wrist injuries are all too common, yet we ignore them and continue to place excessive stress on them. In this collection of yoga for wrists videos, you'll gain a better understanding of the anatomy of the wrists and hands in order to avoid injury and ease pain. An injury to the wrist can be hugely debilitating. Because so much of our daily life involves using our wrists, the healing process can often be drawn out and elusive. While injury can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common cause is misalignment in the upper body. Blockages in the neck and shoulders can impede blood flow to the arms, often causing symptoms of pain, swelling, and numbness in the wrists. Additionally, poor posture in the upper back can cause the supportive stress of arm movements to fall on the smaller, weaker joints. In our collection of yoga for wrists, you'll be guided through a range of poses designed to develop mobility and strength in not only the wrists and hands but also the shoulders and upper back in order to minimize nerve damage and help you avoid further problems down the road. When dealing with issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome and tendinitis, increasing flexibility and strength in the wrist is key. In yoga, we place our hands and wrists on the mat constantly, causing an excessive amount of stress to be diverted to these areas. As we do this, the arch in our hand collapses, and the nerves become compressed and crushed. In yoga for wrists, you'll counteract the imbalance of slouched shoulders to stabilize your upper back and relieve the pressure from your wrists. Make your wrists stronger by increasing the strength in your shoulders and arms!

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