Hands and wrists are foundational to poses in many forms of yoga including hatha practices and vinyasa sequences. Learn about the anatomy and alignment of the wrists and hands to keep your practice strong for many years. Explore mobility, range of motion, common misalignments, and the energetic chains connected to the wrists with Gaia’s online yoga videos for wrists. In cultures that are technology-driven, the wrists and hands end up working overtime. Gaia’s online catalog of yoga for wrists contains practices that can help with finding the mobility, stability, and strength necessary to keep your wrists happy and healthy. Find effective stretches to combat wrist pain in yoga poses and let Gaia’s teachers guide you into using exercises and yoga props to support your wrists and hands. Strong wrists in yoga are essential to moving into beginner yoga poses and common hatha/vinyasa inversions such as downward facing (adho mukha svanasana) or crow pose (bakasana) as well as more complex yoga poses and arm balances such as peacock pose (mayurasana) or handstand (adho mukha vrksasana). Gaia’s wrist yoga videos provide exercises for wrist strength and stability to help you elevate your practice to the next level. A physical yoga practice is a delicate balance between strength and flexibility. Gaia’s online collection of yoga for wrists contains a well-rounded balance of practices to stabilize the muscles of your wrists and hands, sequences to find mobility and flexibility in tight wrists and forearms, and helpful step-by-step tutorials from experienced teachers to guide you into wrist-centric yoga postures. If you are experiencing wrist pain in yoga or have questions about yoga for carpal tunnel, please consult your physician.

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