Are your shoulders permanently hunched? Spending too much time hunched over a keyboard or slouched on a couch can have this affect. In our yoga for neck and shoulders series, you'll work to attack some of the most common misalignments that cause this pain and learn how to bring your head in alignment with the highest intention of your heart. Soothe those achy shoulders! Free yourself from pain and stiffness in the shoulders, neck and head. With yoga for neck and shoulders, our team of expert teachers will guide you through step-by-step instructions on how to heal and strengthen these ailing parts of your body for freedom and expansion. For most, problems and tensions in the neck and shoulders come from habits in your every day life. These patterns lead to tightness and strain, which often manifest themselves in the physical body as slouching. However, the energetic understanding of this rounded upper back comes from a failure to recognize our own inner divine qualities. These practices encompass a variety of mental and physical body techniques to help you identify and work with the habitual holding patterns that are the underlying cause for your pain. Become aware of your bright and radiant self and allow the aches and pains held in your neck and shoulders to diminish. With yoga for neck and shoulders, you'll be invited to recognize the tensions you hold and let them go. By understanding your body's desire for proper alignment, you can heal and strengthen your ailments to feel cleansed, refreshed, and alive!

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