Yoga for women includes practices specific to menstrual cycles, fertility, prenatal yoga, childbirth, post-natal, hormone regulation, menopause, yoga for perimenopause, PMS, aging, osteoporosis, and more. Gaia’s collection of yoga for women online classes are available to anyone who would find benefit in them! Learn from yoga teachers who have first-hand experience in how to safely practice yoga when you are on your cycle, pregnant, going through menopause, or simply working to find comfortable alignment in your body. Regardless of your biology, people of any gender can draw profound knowledge from Gaia’s yoga for women videos, especially those with a focus on the divine feminine and feminine energy within the body. Many yoga practices and lineages teach that we all have both masculine and feminine energy lines within our bodies and that are equally important for finding balance in your yoga practice and in your life off of the mat. Explore Gaia’s yoga for women at any phase of life. These online yoga practices for women are made to meet you exactly where you are in your life and help you elevate your state to feel better in your body and more at peace in your mind. Find hatha yoga, vinyasa practices, restorative yoga, and more, all specific to women’s health and feminine energy. If you have any concerns about your reproductive health, please consult your doctor.

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