Deepen your practice and immerse yourself in a style, technique or approach over the course of a day, weekend or recurring series. Our online yoga workshops allow you to practice anytime, anywhere. Your personal practice is a continuous journey of growth and development. At Gaia, we provide endless opportunities to expand your knowledge in everything from yoga, meditation, health and more. For so many, busy schedules do not allow for full workshop retreats. However, this shouldn't mean your spiritual journey should be stunted. Our collection of online yoga workshops allow you to learn in your own time and in the space where you feel safest - your home. Under the guidance of our world-renowned experts and teachers, you'll discover a deeper understanding and respect for the world of yoga. Receive the highest quality of yoga education from a community of experienced yogis. Our online yoga workshops provide a holistic approach within a truly engaging learning environment. Dive deep into your educational experience and discover a community rooted in its mutual love of yoga.

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