Find strength, stability, and flexibility in your hips. The hips are complicated joints with many muscles supporting their function. Explore yoga classes for hip stretching, strengthening, and releasing tension. Yoga for hips classes are great for anyone who spends time siting, driving, or those who are involved in forward-motion sports like running and cycling. Physically, stiff hips can be linked to low back, knee, and even digestive issues. As the junction of our upper and lower bodies, hips are subject to a high level of wear throughout our lives. Tightness in the hips can impinge natural movements in actions as simple as walking or taking the stairs. A healthy practice of yoga for hip opening can aid in releasing tension in your lower body and core. Gaia’s online collection of yoga videos for hips include safe and effective yoga stretches for tight hips, hip-opening vinyasa and hatha sequences, and restorative yoga hip openers to give your body the fluid movements it needs to function. Specialized classes that feature hip openers for runners and cyclists are particularly helpful for finding specific movements and yoga stretches for hips that allow space and fluid movement to enhance your sport. Energetically, the hips are the center of the sacral chakra (a potent energy center in the body) and are said to be the source of creativity, creation, and deep emotions. Use yoga hip openers to help breathe new energy and space into stuck emotions and allow them to pass. Open your hips for freedom in your body, mind, and emotions.

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