Sitting in a chair all day can leave you with a limited range of motion in your hips. This stiffness can lead to lower back, knee, joint, and even digestive problems. This series of yoga hip openers will help you to open your hips through essential poses, while releasing your physical, energetic, and emotional restrictions. Allow more freedom in your spine and improve circulation and digestion. Yoga hip openers can't be forced. You must be gentle and yet persistent to tackle the bindings that block your hips movement. You'll find that so many poses are rooted in hip-opening yoga. For some, the hips are naturally flexible and fluid. For others, the hips require an incredible amount of softening and surrender. With these poses and practices, you'll find a range of sequences - from tranquil to dynamic and everything in between. Be daring in opening yourself into these rejuvenating hip-opener yoga practices and you'll leave feeling connected and renewed. Your hips are at the epicenter of your body, and as such, they hold a lot more than you may realize. Physically, your hips connect the energy of the earth, your feet, and your legs to your spine. Emotionally, your hips are loaded with past tensions from unresolved issues. We hold stress and negative emotions, such as fear, guilt, and sadness, in our pelvis. Because of this, your hips are an important gateway to health and happiness. Explore these yoga hip openers and listen deeply to your body, mind, breath, and heart. Discover an essential area of your mental, emotional, and physical body and find a sense of flexibility. While your hips are strong and sturdy, take your time with opening your hips and you'll begin to see improvement with the rest of your practice, as well!

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