In yoga, backbends are a core part to any practice. However, while seemingly simple, they can also be the most dangerous. Backbends build strength and mobility and when done properly, are blissful movements that release stores of energy. However, when done incorrectly, heart-opening backbends can be discouraging, daunting and downright dangerous. In this collection, you'll find a series of tutorials filled with tips and tricks to take the anxiety out of these integral poses. Backbend yoga poses contradict everything about our body's natural flow. Our instinct is to hunch forward and protect our hearts. However, backbends force us to face our fears, exposing our hearts and leaving us in a position of vulnerability. Therefore, it's natural for your body to rebel, by scooping or tucking your tailbone to urge you back into your normal protected stance. The more you're able to safely sink into a deeper back bend, the better you'll feel and the stronger you'll become. Backbends can seem intimidating, but you don't have to be a contortionist to experience the joy they can bring. In yoga, backbends are invigorating and uplifting and often simpler than they seem. The key to success lies in your core. This collection of videos delivers an empowering perspective on backbends and will help you to discover how to release your core energy while keeping your back safe.

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