It's probably no surprise that one of the most common complaints we hear about is back pain. This collection of spine yoga is designed to build support around the spine using deep core work to prevent back pain and leave you feeling stronger. Fight your back pain with the power of gently yet effective yoga for the spine. As we sleep, we're often putting our spines into uncomfortable positions, causing them to tighten and stiffen. As we move through the day, this tightness only gets worse as we store our stress and anxiety from the day. A stiff or misaligned spine can have effects far beyond just your back - it can even take a toll on your internal organs and nerve endings. However, relief could be just a few simple stretches away. As we increase the flexibility in our spines, we also elongate the muscles in the torso. From twists to bends, spine yoga will help to ease pain, improve your posture, and ease the tension out of key muscle areas. In this series, our expert teachers focus on mobilization and stabilization to maximize the functions of the spine. Just remember that flexibility is personal. There are no quick fixes for back pain and be careful not to push your spine too far. Listen to your body and give your spine the joyful release it needs.

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