Feel young and vibrant as you purge your body, mind, and spirit with this collection of detox yoga videos. These energizing yoga for detox practices are designed to scrub your inner and outer self. Ranging from fiery flows to Kundalini chakra cleanses, our videos help you to feel youthful, let go of negative thoughts, and cleanse your internal organs. Experience the cleansing effect of detox yoga. By working in these yoga detox practices just a few times a week, you'll begin to shock and surprise people at your age. Why do yogis cleanse? According to the ancient teachings, we are born in our natural pure state. But as we move through life, we begin layering negative toxins that prohibit us from truly experiencing that state. Yogis must clear attachment and aversion?two obstacles to the goal of union with the self. Remove those layers of negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, or aches and pains in the body with detox yoga. Get back to the essence of yourself. Cleanse your entire body and your mind and release any blocks you may have to feeling your best. Our collection of yoga detox videos will help you to identify and purge the negative aspects in your life, not only on the physical level, like the toxins you build from eating and air pollution, but on the mental level, as well, such as the negative and toxic thoughts from others and from ourselves. Calm your mind chatter and clear bad habits with asanas designed to move toxins and dislodge blocked energy. These yoga for detox practices will nourish your body physically and mentally. Cleanse your body and prepare your mind for a radiant you.

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