Ashtanga yoga is an athletic, lineage-based practice that combines strong poses and breath. Unite body, mind, and breath through variations on the primary series, then progress into more advanced poses in the second series and third series. Gaia’s collection of ashtanga yoga videos is the perfect resource for practicing in the comfort of your own home or while traveling. Born from the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, ashtanga yoga was popularized through the gymnastics-like movements and transitions including jump-backs and jump-throughs. Practicing ashtanga yoga online offers the opportunity to start or continue your ashtanga practice, learn new techniques from master teachers, and carry on a revered tradition. Each series takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and each were designed for the purification of the body and mind. Gaia ashtanga practices range from short durations to dive into a few poses or highlight an aspect of the practice, and includes practices all the way up to the full series. Ashtanga yoga helps to build discipline and focus in the physical practice and in daily life. Want to learn more about the athletic components of yoga? Be sure to check out vinyasa yoga as well - a descendent of ashtanga.

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