The neck is one of the primary culprits for holding stress and tension. Find online yoga classes to release stiffness in the muscles around the head and neck, increase mobility, and find a more easeful posture. Through Gaia’s collection of yoga for neck videos, learn proper alignment for the head and neck in yoga poses and in your everyday life, relieve tension in the neck, and release poor posture habits. “Tech” posture and “tech-neck” can occur over time from looking down at a computer or phone and often looks like the chin jutting forward of the chest, ears forward of the shoulders. Building yoga for neck practices into your routine can help you set new healthy habits and create stronger postural alignment for your upper body. For your yoga practice, Gaia’s online collection of yoga videos focused on your neck and upper body can help you take your practice to the next level. When you are able to find ease and stability in your neck, advanced yoga postures such as headstand and shoulderstand become more accessible in your daily yoga practice. When you have a strong and stable neck, throat opening yoga poses such as fish pose can be entered into with a new sense of ease and release. Explore yoga for neck videos ranging in styles from hatha, vinyasa, therapeutics, restorative, and yin practices. Restorative, yin, and therapeutic online yoga classes will generally have slow-moving neck focused movements, while hatha and vinyasa practices may have a range of movements at a faster pace that include a neck focus along with other areas of the body. If you have any concerns about the structural health of your neck, please consult your doctor.

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