Yoga at Work

Incorporate your yoga practice into your workday to move energy, stretch out, and release the effects of sitting. Release tight lower back muscles, stiff neck, tight shoulders, and tired eyes with yoga at work classes on Gaia. Take a break at lunch or beat the mid-afternoon slump with a class that fits your schedule and your available space and time. Give your mind, breath, and body a break to reset and refresh so that you can approach your workday with a calm mind and positive outlook. Gaia’s online collection of workplace yoga videos include sequences that you can do in a short amount of time and in spaces with limited options. Find chair yoga and desk yoga practices that you can even do while seated at your desk to find ease in your shoulders, neck, hips, and any other sore or tight places in your body as you work. Looking for a yoga practice routine to fit into your workday but worried about finding the time? Not to worry! Gaia’s library of yoga at work videos includes practices in a variety of lengths and styles from short and effective 5- and 10-minute practices to longer 30- or 60- minute practices, all customizable to your available time. Yoga at your desk isn’t limited to only office workers. Desk and chair yoga can also be very beneficial for any time you are seated for a sustained amount of time such as in school or traveling. Use workplace yoga sequences for a myriad of needs and to help combat the increasing use of technology in your work and daily life. Learn proper body alignment to help you feel strong and confident for the longevity of your career.

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