Weight Loss

Get your heart pumping with our yoga for Weight Loss collection. Tone your body, strengthen your muscles, and burn calories?all while calming your nervous system. Find a new perspective to live out your body?s transformation. Whether you're looking to lose a few pounds or maintain a healthy weight, these yoga weight loss videos have something for everyone. A healthy body creates a healthy mind. Live a cleaner more nourished life on every level. With our yoga for Weight Loss collection, you'll support the body's natural detoxification process by improving respiration, circulation, and lymphatic flow through fluid and dynamic movement. This increases oxygenated blood flow to the entire body, including the organs, helping to eliminate toxic residue. Strengthen your body and stretch your muscles to release tension and stress, calm your mind, and increasing your energy level. In these weight loss yoga videos, you'll receive in-depth explanations on the importance of alignment as well as gentle guidance on to build lean muscle and become more flexible. Create and live in a body that you're proud of and feel good in. Being happy is less about a number on a scale and more about how you feel in your body. Cultivate a deep self love and create a union between your body, mind, and spirit. As your love and respect for yourself grows, you'll also find a transformation in your daily life, as you begin to make choices that are empowering and help you thrive. These energizing weight loss yoga practices will burn calories, improve circulation, increase strength, flexibility, balance and focus?all keys to maintaining a healthy mind and body. Begin your journey to a healthier, happier, and more pure you!

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