Weight Loss

Tone your body, strengthen your muscles, and burn calories with Gaia’s collection of yoga for weight loss. Learn healthy, encouraging practices to support your weight loss goals and find holistic transformation through yoga practices for a strong body and mind. Whatever your weight loss goals are, Gaia’s online yoga videos can help you find the best yoga for weight loss practices for your individual body. The scientific health benefits of yoga are countless. Explore respiration, circulation, and lymphatic flow through fluid and dynamic movement in our online weight loss classes. Create a new daily yoga routine to boost your metabolism and help you burn calories throughout your day. The best style of yoga for weight loss depends on the scope of your health goals. Try power yoga, power vinyasa yoga, and flowing vinyasa classes to get your heart pumping. Incorporate long-held yoga postures to build strength and tone your muscles in hatha yoga classes and hot yoga practices. Physical yoga as an exercise can help you along the path to finding health and wellness in your body and mind. Exercising through yoga can not only help you with your weight loss dreams but also promotes cardiovascular endurance, improved mood and mental stability, muscular tone, and lean muscle mass throughout your body. Gaia’s yoga videos for weight loss are great for all fitness levels. Beginning a weight loss program can feel daunting, but in Gaia's catalog of exercise-based yoga classes, you can find the perfect level for where you are at this present moment as well as enjoy a wide range of yoga videos to grow into as your practice advances. If you have any questions about healthy weight loss for your body, please consult your doctor.

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