Are you sleep deprived? Whether it?s chronic insomnia, life stressors, or your bed just plain hates you. Our yoga for sleep collection will help you tuck those sheep you?ve been counting back into their own beds. With these restorative yoga practices, you won't find any big sensation, but rather a big release. Grab your pillow and slip into sweet dreams. Savasana is calling. Get the rest and restoration that your body needs to recuperate from every day life. With these yoga sleep relaxation videos, you'll learn to find the difference in levels of awareness - the continuum between super strong sensation and no sensation - in order to find the perfect balance so that your body can rest and your mind can drop into a quiet and calm place. Take time to switch gears from a busy day and give your body a chance to let go of the stress and anxiety it's accumulated. Relax your body and focus your mind and achieve deep slumber. Think of your body as a machine, always running at full capacity. If the engine gets too hot, it could burn out or explode. Every now and then, you need to turn down and turn off your inner engine. Ideal for anyone who has trouble falling or staying asleep, these yoga for sleep videos will guide you through soothing restorative practices designed to help calm your inner chatter and find peace. Slow down and release tension from the areas that commonly cause sleeplessness, both inside and out.

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