Find peace any time of day with Gaia’s collection of yoga for relaxation and guided meditation for relaxation. Find a practice that fits your day - no matter how much time your have - to find peace of mind, ease in your physical body, and release of tension. Yoga practices for relaxation can help release built-up tension in your physical body. Slow-moving yoga hatha sequences, soothing yin yoga videos, and calming restorative yoga practices rejuvenate the body and allow for deep release and deep relaxation. Gaia’s yoga for relaxation videos include an accessible collection of practices for all experience levels. Try adding a gentle movement practice in the morning or before bed to aid your transition into the day or into sound sleep. Find increased mobility and freedom in your physical body by relaxing tight muscles and removing tension from tired joints. A combination of a gentle yoga movement practice and a guided meditation for relaxation session can give your body and mind the time and space it needs to release, calm, soften, and find ease. Gaia’s relaxing guided meditation videos can help you find the peace and quiet your mind craves and deserves. Even if you are short on time, you can find a short meditation for relaxation to put your mind at ease. Soothe your nerves and dedicate yourself to deep breathing exercises to find calm and focused thought. Welcome the present moment, release tension, and practice relaxing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

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