Cooking with Seaweed

1 hr, 1 minMay 2012

Seaweed takes the stage in this fun and informative class with Andrea Potter from Rooted Nutrition. Seaweeds of many varieties are powerhouses of nutrition. This class will have you wondering why seaweed is not used more often! To learn more about the benefits of seaweeds here!

(dairy-free, egg-free, veggie, hands-on, wheat-free)

This class will teach you:

·About which seaweeds don’t ‘taste like the sea’ and can be hidden in many recipes- even desserts!

·To harness the building and cleansing properties of seaweed and the many applications that getting friendly with seaweed has!

·Where to find/purchase seaweed

·How to make your own nori rolls with raw sunflower pate

·quick kimchi salad with wakame and arame seaweeds

·chocolate banana mousse with Irish moss ( don’t let the name fool you- it is in fact seaweed!)- egg and dairy free!

·macro rice bowl with sesame-seaweed dressing