Fire: Third Chakra

S1:Ep4TherapeuticIntermediate-2,343 mins

In this segment of The Healing Elements with Kate Potter, she works with the element of fire. She is joined by her long-time student, John, who has used yoga to work through depression and 'stuck-ness'. While Earth and Water practices encourages apana or downward moving energy, fire uses udana or upward moving energy, to purify, detoxify and reduce congested “kapha”(stuck-ness). This practice is fierce and requires strength and concentration. It can burn hot with the use of a one to one breathing ratio, so take care. Kate recommends this as a detox practice which clears and purifies. This is an excellent practice when expressing congestion, stagnation and heaviness in the physical body, or to help build confidence while burning off negative thoughts.

Contraindications: Do not do this practice if you are are sore or tired, have shoulder injuries, or are on medications for pain. Contraindicated for strong willed and competitive pittas.

Instructor/Host: Kate Potter
Video Language: English