Pregnant Goddess Series: Steadiness Among The Waves

Twee Merrigan
Pre/PostnatalLevel 1-225 mins

This practice is the first among a series of Twee's prenatal vinyasa classes developed exclusively for My Yoga Online to prepare pregnant goddesses to flow with the ever-changing waves occurring throughout her pregnancy, the actual birth, the magical and challenging days to follow after the little being of light arrives, and her amazing journey of motherhood.

“Steadiness Among the Waves” is a Prana Flow ® Prenatal Vinyasa practice inspired by the elements of earth and water within a repetition of three waves infusing mudras, mantra, and meditation. It offers standing postures, goddess squats, and kegel exercises to encourage stability, trust, strength and endurance. The flowing, pulsing, and circular movements throughout the practice encourage the fluidity, flexibility, and ever-shifting state of being that a mother needs for her own health + well-being and to guide her child/ren towards their individual happiness and joy.

Infinite Blessings and Gratitude to Be Present + Manduka for providing us with eco-conscious clothing, yoga mats + blocks, and to my teacher Shiva Rea (Prana Flow ® Founder), for inspiring me to live in Flow and to ride the Waves with humility and grace. In-Joy, Twee Merrigan-Goldstein.

Featuring music by Temmy Lewis