Sacred Full Moon Ritual: Releasing What No Longer Serves

Zain Saraswati Jamal
Talks28 mins

Zain Saraswati Jamal shares her Sacred Full Moon Ritual - a culmination of Kundalini Yoga, Vedic Mantra, Guided Meditation and Ancient Ceremonial practices from indigenous cultures around the world. This ritual is practiced on the day (or up to 1 day before or after) the Full Moon to release that which is no longer serving your higher self. It is an opportunity to let go, forgive, heal and surrender so that you may step forward into your true power. The ritual can be practiced on your own or with a group.

Ancient wisdom proclaims that power and light of the Full Moon serves to illuminate those aspects of our lives hindering spiritual advancement. Purging disempowering addictions, emotions and behaviours and initiate sacred space and ceremony guided by the cycles of the moon, will deepen your relationship with yourself and with Mother Earth. It cultivates an intuitive biorhythm that your spirit can attune to so that you may liberate yourself and attune to your divinity.

Contraindications: None

Props: fire or candles, smudge/sage wand, smudge bowl, feather, lighter, paper and pen, mala, stones or crystals, altar pieces


Om mahajwalaya vidmahe

Agnimantraya dhimahi l

tanno agniyah pracodayat