Yoga Power Flare

Hemalayaa Behl
VinyasaLevel 2-323 mins

This is a fast paced vinyasa class with Hemalayaa Behl designed to make you sweat! Practice this quick paced and short yoga flow that will elevate your heart rate and give you a full body workout. Release the stress that you hold in your hips and shoulders by practicing this fun and energetic class, while simultaneously working your vocal cords with liberating noises that make you feel great! Contraindications: This is a fast paced class. Although the poses are accessible to most when modifications are made, this class should only be practiced by those students who have mastered beginner and moderate classes first. For any discomfort under the knees, especially in Frog or Pigeon pose, a folded up blanket can be used for extra padding.

Live music by Marla Leigh Goldstein and David Vito Gregoli.