Joga: Yoga for Athletes

Jana Webb
1 Season, 6 Episodes

An athletic-based style of yoga that incorporates a unique blend of postures to find balance in strength and flexibility, a variety of breathing techniques to improve breath control and recovery, and relaxation tools to maintain a calm mind in sport and in life. The sessions will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and re-energized as well as provide you with all the other physiological and psychological benefits of the practice.

Athletes are often both results-based and achievement-oriented people, so they want to feel and see results while understanding the reason behind what they are doing. This sequence is designed in a way to follow the pattern of a fitness regime but still adhere to the sequencing of the traditional yoga session. Each movement has a specific cue and a physical or mental benefit associated with it.

The creation of Jana Webb, Joga, or “Yoga for Jocks,” takes into consideration what athletes require in a training program: structure, challenge and results.

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