Partner Yoga Level 2

Pedro Franco
HathaAdvanced-333 mins

Pedro Franco teaches us a partner yoga practice that displays a beautiful way to deepen our human connections and interactions. Partner Yoga is the embodiment of Tantra, taking you out of the individual practice and into a more connected state. It is extremely beneficial to those who practice and teach, allowing them a deeper understanding of the body, and developing greater awareness of alignment through precise adjustments. This experience awakes a deep integration with others, is self-healing, and opens us up to compassion with a therapeutic and playful approach to yoga.

Yoga Partner: Prestonne Domareski

Contraindications: This is a challenging partner practice and should only be attempted in a large room with no obstructions that could pose a threat if bumped into. This class should only be done once you are fully comfortable with Partner Yoga Level 1. Do not do this class if you are pregnant. If you do not have a foam block, you can use a pillow.