Qigong for Beginners

Francesco and Daisy Lee Garripoli

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that can be described as meditation with movement; a conscious form of exercise. It is not just physical exercise, but a transformative and holistic health care system. Qigong helps you to cultivate chi, with slow movements, smooth breathing and visualization, in order to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. Sincere practice with the intent to gain balance and sensitivity is key to experiencing the full benefits of Qigong. Garri and Daisy Garripoli guide you through the fundamentals of Qigong with Swimming Dragon, Dragon Pearl, Bagua Xun Dao Gong , Zhao, Kun, and ends in typical Buddhist style with a self massage Qigong from the Shaolin temple.

Featuring: Francesco Garripoli, Daisy Lee Garripoli