Wild Lotus

Chris Chavez
VinyasaAdvanced-31 hr, 27 mins

In this hip-opening workshop with Chris Chavez, we will establish the tools necessary to cultivate deep long-lasting roots that will allow your lotus to blossom fully and safely for years to come. We will navigate the resilience of the lotus flower as we experiment with a few key postures and sequences. Hip-openers are extremely grounding and will cultivate a sense of ease and fluidity in your body and mind while adding balance to your practice! Contraindications: Always work to the stage or level that is most appropriate for you. Handstand and handstand preparation can be done against a wall if you do not have a partner. Inversions should not be done if you are pregnant, are menstruating, have high blood pressure, have any shoulder or spinal injuries, have eye issues or are recovering from an illness or injury.

Live Music by Shamans Dream - Craig Kohland & Rara Avis + guests