Yoga for Improving Sexual Health

Jesse Enright
HathaLevel 144 mins

Join Jesse Enright as he takes you through a practice for both men and women designed to harness and channel sexual energy and improve sexual health. This practice includes practical exercises to improve hip mobility, core stability and the tone of the pelvic floor. In this class, you will focuses on the breath through energetic practices that create the ability to harness and channel sexual energy, drawing it up through the energy centers of the body. This class is great for improving your sexual health, toning your pelvic floor, strengthening your core muscles and mobilizing your hips. This class is also great for students interested in the Bandhas, Chakras, Kundalini energy, and Pranayama.

This class is contraindicated for those with lower back problems, gastrointestinal disorders or severe wrist injuries.

Featured Music by Zamir Dhanji, Ben Kunin and Loren Nikkel.